What our clients say...

Professional Coaching
"Staff wellbeing is a really important part of who we are here. We were clear that staff required focused CPD to support them in managing their wellbeing and Alison at Thought-org was able to tailor a package direct to our needs. The delivery and content of the session was of an incredibly high quality and staff are actively talking about the steps and strategies they are employing and the impact they are having, in such a short space of time as well!"
(Mark Phillips - Deputy Head, a local Northumberland Secondary School)

"Visiting Alison enabled me to refocus on my goals and gave me a structure to start looking at situations in a different way. The result was a more energised, motivated and a clearer vision for the future which people around me have noticed. I have remembered some useful tips which when needed, I can draw upon to continue achieving my goals."
(Paul Knight)

"I had a problem with the confidence and therefore the quality of work with one of my members of staff. After a short course with Alison at Thought Org the change was amazing and the person concerned is still with us and working very well."
(Susan Corbett, MD - Girsonfield Stud Farm)

Exam Anxiety
"The wood was so dense I just couldnt see the trees! Each time in practice sessions and mock exams - my brain went blank. Ali has shown me coping methods for this situation and for other situations where I lose my way. Thanks - I got a 1st."
(Malcolm Cranshaw, Student)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
"My symptoms have been a problem for years, and recently became worse. I was convinced I had bowel cancer and when my GP told me it was IBS I firstly felt relief. However, after a brief remission, my symptoms came back, especially worse when I started my last year of my Masters. I have now realized that most of my problem was of my own making... my diet, not looking after myself as well as I could and biofeedback from my anxiety which has caused my IBS to worsen. I still have IBS but it is not the debilitating chronic issue which was threatening my completion of my Masters. Ali supported me to get back in a control state and take responsibility for my health and become more mindful of postitive strategies which have really relieved my acute symptoms."
(Fin Robb, Physics Masters and now studying for PhD)

"My IBS therapy has set me free from the misery of symptoms and I have a much better quality of life.
My confidence has grown and not only am I feeling better, I do more and cope with pressure better
than before."
(Chris Trainer)

Self Limiting Beliefs
"My confidence was ok I guess, however when I was in a situation where I had to demonstrate that, I became withdrawn and quiet and never really shone in interview. Ali helped me to believe that I had everything I ever needed inside myself and found a way to bring the best to the surface. I succeeded in interview and love my job and feel confident about the future."
(Anthony Simpson, Graduate)

Managing Toxic Thoughts
"My over indulgent thinking almost paralysed me from moving forward in life and I was just about scared of everything. I did Time Line Therapy which regressed me safely to neutralize my memories which gave me the blue print for the rest of my life. I have now found a new blue print with Ali's help and have re written the meaning of the past which has set me free to recognize I am blameless for what happened. The realisation of that has given me the confidence to be who I want to be and to see life from a different axis."
(Rowan Robertson, Teacher)

"I was convinced that the way I was feeling was going to kill me and I would never face my fear of flying. Thanks to Ali for giving me some useful tools to re frame my ideas and start my life again. I have taken my first flight recently to Ireland and realize what I have been missing."
(Jan McDonald, Aspiring Traveller)

Confidence Building
"Thank you for believing in me and helping me to change my life around...The whole experience has really opened my eyes and has given me so much confidence I feel I could do anything when I set my mind to it...I only hope other people get as much from your sessions as I did."
(Sam Eaves, Professional Jockey)

Team Coaching
"An exceptional experience with flexibilty built in to suit everyone. The team enjoyed the day and we
all have taken tangible tools away to help us move from good to great and our team dynamic has
changed significantly."
(Scottish Nursing Forum)

Professional Coaching
"Alison has worked with the school Leadership team to identify appropriate yet challenging goals, objectives and performance indicators within agreed periods. Whilst the long term objectives have yet to be met, substantial progress is evident. Specific outcomes to date include:
• Improved communication and interaction between team members (particularly where there have been pronounced difficulties in the past.
• Increased confidence to voice / express concerns with both directly and to the leadership team.
• Identification of triggers and hotspots and how own behaviours impact on others in these situations.
• Staff increasingly able and confident to identify individual strengths.
• All staff taking responsibility for the group dynamic.
Alison has proved to be an invaluable partner. It has been a pleasure working with her and I am confident that we will continue to work together effectively in the future."
(Tom Dexter, Headteacher)

Personal Coaching
"I contacted Alison because of a physical reaction to stressful occasions that had increased until it was affecting and restricting my work, home and family life. At our first meeting she was very clear about what was possible, what we would be doing and the timescale. We agreed a timetable with an end date where we would review if the sessions were working and if not, end them. This reassured me as it meant I wasn’t committing valuable time and money for an unknown length of time. However it only took 3 sessions, with my commitment to listen to the CDs as instructed, for the problem to disappear. Weeks later the symptoms haven’t returned and my life and confidence have improved in a way I wouldn’t have believed possible. I now feel I know myself a little better and this has had a knock on positive effect in other areas in my life. My only regret is that I suffered for years and didn’t seek and find Alison earlier."
(Jennifer Hall)

"I had the most dreadful insomnia once receiving a diagnosis of a life changing illness. Ali helped my pattern to return to normal and as a result of 5 sessions I was back to my old self and coping better with life in general."
(Sue D)

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