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Sleep is an active process and involves reduced awareness, and responsiveness – the brain does not switch off. During sleep, the brain consolidates memories and learning occurs. The immune system re-boots and glycaemic index and growth self regulates. Motor inhibition occurs which means we usually cannot walk around (unless a sleep walker or other parasomnias or unusual sleep behaviours occur).

The process has defined stages, i, ii, iii, iv and REM (Rapid Eye Movement or ‘Dream Sleep’) and has a known architecture.

There are periods of wakefulness which are normal and at the end of a ‘spindle’ of time throughout the night. Sleep is promptly reversible in times of emergency.

When life is disrupted we can slip into some behaviours which can lead to periods of either Insomnia and poor sleep or longer term sleep problems and disorders.

At Thought-Org we are committed to assisting clients to find the best pathway through their sleep disruption. A diagnostic first session establishes the issue and usually the cause and therapy is designed to create a new habit leading to a new and more favourable sleep pattern. If at the first session the root cause of the sleep behaviour is not clear, then we have the option to refer on to one of the top Sleep Specialists in the UK directly who has a private clinic locally to the North East.

A combination of Hypnotherapy and Self-Led Behavioural Change is advised for simple Insomnia.

Most useful for:
• Insomnia
• Sleep Walking
• Sleep Talking
• Night Terrors
• Sleep Eating
• Signposting for other Diagnostic options related to Sleep Disruption
• Apnoea or Extreme Snoring

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