What is Personal Development Coaching?

Personal Development Coaching supports an individual or team to reach their optimal performance. With sites for Consultation at Newcastle, Amble or Corporate 'on site' visits, Thought Org can facilitate any development requirements.

There is a diagnostic session to establish what the development area is and to establish the goals and plan. Our coach will sign post the best tool to support the goal for the individual or team and then implement, review and adapt the plan in collaboration with the client or team to achieve outstanding results.

Most useful for high performing individuals who want to access that extra 10% to take them from excellent to outstanding and for teams who are all highly functioning individuals who have not found the best route to shine as team.

Alison Arrowsmith is an Insights Discovery® Licensed Practitioner (LP) and also a Strengthsfinder 2.0 Licensed Facilitator.

Most useful for:
• Peak performance coaching of an individual to achieve their full potential
• Interview techniques
• Presenting with confidence
• Improved team dynamics and success
• Artful communication skills for the ultimate professional

Portfolio of Presentations and Workshops

1. The Art of Effective Communication for Best Results
Within this workshop the group will be able to demonstrate the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to best effect. An understanding of how we communicate and how to tweak our styles for best results will be identified to support the Individual to become an effective and artful communicator.

2. Managing Stress and Improving Time Effectiveness
A comprehensive review is delivered with regards to the mechanisms of stress and how this affects the individual both as a professional and personally – physically, emotionally and socially. The group will identify their key ‘Time Traps’ and build strategies and plans to overcome reduced effectiveness. Focusing on some philosophical concepts to underpin the benefits of stress and time management supports the team to construct an action plan for an improved balance and release what seems like more hours in a day for the things they want to pursue in their work/life balance.

3. Tools of Influence (Negotiating a Win/Win scenario)
Within this workshop, the individuals find out the secret to influencing those around them for excellent results. This involves items from other workshops such as communication skills, assertiveness, colours etc. however the 8 core principles of influencing others are explored assisting the individuals to become excellent negotiators.

4. Assertiveness Training
For those individuals who find it difficult to communicate what they want (or how to say no) this workshop is essential. If a person tends to use avoidance techniques or lose their temper with catastrophic results, this workshop empowers the person to effectively negotiate their position in a calm, direct and composed way. The result transforms the person to a competent, firm but fair colleague who is perceived by the company and those around them as a role model for others.

5. Improving the Workplace for Best Practice
This workshop enables a team to discover and understand their individual lead personality and how the dynamic of different individuals working together can enhance rather than hinder team work. Through the use of Change Management techniques, each person can realize their strengths and areas for development and begin to consider how best to apply their best qualities in the team setting whilst adapting to their colleagues styles and preferences.

6. Sleep and the Impact on an Individual’s performance
The mechanism and physiology of sleep is considered in this workshop, normal sleep patterns are identified before moving on to the impact of sleep on the individual with Stress. Introductions to some useful techniques for supporting the individual are considered and sleep hygiene considerations listed. An introduction to Hypnotherapy for sleep to support professionals will be touched on and other relaxation techniques for improving individual’s state of performance.

7. Selling Skills – Basic, Intermediate and Master level
Within this workshop, the group will touch on the following skills:
• Pre call objectives and the core skills for selling with post call analysis.
• Models for selling: finding one to best suit.
• Communication and how best to adapt your style to suit your customer.
• Achieving the goal – how do you know you have been successful and how to ensure sequential selling opportunities and effective networks.

8. Techniques for Improving Performance
For Teams who wish to overcome their niggling Self Limiting Beliefs, this workshop identifies where that belief originated, demonstrates the benefit in letting go of the phobia and some quick techniques for managing the stress reactions or banishing them for good. Some techniques are Time Line Therapy, Fast Phobia Technique, Learned Optimism and Emotional Freedom Technique.

9. Coaching and Mentoring Skills
For teams there is a benefit to find a coaching model which fits with their range of capabilities and varied skill mix. This workshop identifies the best fit for the Coaching and Mentoring of those ranges and gives the Coach and the recipient a tool bag for Development bespoke for the individual level of capability.

10. Presenting with Confidence – Beginners and Intermediate level
For those who require the skills of presenting at work, this workshop will use a diagnostic tool to establish the level of skill evident in the individual before the day. Most presentation skills workshops do not deliver the best results as the mix of individuals varies comprehensively. This Workshop will be tailored to suit the individual need and aligned within the 2 levels. The result is competent, confident individuals empowered within their range of ability to present with flair.

11. Anger Management in the Workplace
An essential workshop for those who find it difficult to control their emotions at work and who are finding their reactions to others are now beginning to have an impact on both those around them and their own health - both physically and emotionally. The skills learned within this workshop will give the individual a new approach and easy techniques to practice and keep front of mind for more meaningful and healthier reactions to emotionally charged responses.

NB. This list is not exhaustive and bespoke events can be delivered depending on need.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a useful tool which helps to re-frame and re-train certain ways of thinking to overcome negative habits.

We all perceive our world through different senses and NLP assists a person to understand their map of their world more effectively and understand how their perceptions may influence choices they make. This is also a great technique for individuals to understand those around them more. Our therapist will talk to the subconscious mind; however this is done in a fully conscious state without the need for hypnotic trance.

Most useful for:
• Changing behaviours
• Becoming more self-aware
• Neutralising negative memories
• Improving individual performance
• Coping strategies
• Mindfulness
• Improving relationships
• Re-framing beliefs
• Understanding others


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