Advocacy and Support Services for improved healthcare experiences

When faced with a medical diagnosis, much of the battle is understanding next steps and being empowered to take control of what happens to you. Through Thought-Org Advocacy and Support Services, individuals can now navigate the new NHS with the added benefit of relevant information, help with letters to key stakeholders and decision makers, mediation with health boards and health professionals, quality of life analysis, cost benefit analysis and the traversing of NICE guidelines and much more.

Proven to enhance the outcome of the journey when demonstrated on Visual Analogue Scales and customer feedback, Thought-Org provides what you need for engagement with services which can seem daunting when facing them alone. Even for those people who have support, when those you love are overwhelmed by the struggle, Thought-Org can provide that extra help to those who are awarded the important and sometimes lonely role of carer. Interpretation of the facts into understandable chunks of information is part of the service and also signposting to the most appropriate ‘other agencies’.

Rates are as follows:

The first phone call is free of charge and a first meeting is set up with date and venue agreed.
When we meet, we discuss your needs and review where things currently stand with your diagnosis and treatment and where you feel you need the support. This meeting is for an hour and also includes the first GP joint appointment. (£50).

Further GP appointments are £30 per visit. Always followed by a de-brief of the appointment.
Next appointments at the Hospital are dependent on the distance involved, so local services are a local rate – transport and parking are additional extras to the cost which can be paid directly by the client as expenses. This is negotiated in terms of what the requirements are for each individual; however a half day is more appropriate than an hourly rate and more cost effective.

Full days are also negotiated on an individual basis and for support for known and diarised regular sessions; a lower rate can be agreed.

For carers who wish to have support and/or an opportunity to have coping strategy training, the rate is £40 per session which is an hour long.

For joint educational sessions for patient/carer/carers and family members – neighbours and any other domestic support - the rate is £60 per workshop (max of 8 people) which is an hour long.


Service - Support During Treatment for Breast Cancer

"I got my diagnosis of Breast Cancer and then was introduced to Ali who went with me to appointments at the hospital, always following up with a full description of what was being advocated by the doctors as I was so anxious, everything they said just went in one ear and out the other. Ali also accompanied me on the day of surgery, gave support to others in my family and then followed me up on a regular basis making my recovery so much easier. I had my Specialist Nurse, but they were so busy and so far away, sometimes getting answers on the phone were not immediate and that is what you want when recovering from Breast Cancer. Every ache and pain you worry about and having Ali there made me feel more supported and relaxed."

"The service made such a difference to my recovery and I thank Ali for the support she gave. Everyone should have an Ali when they need to go through this sort of trauma."

"There is no hesitation that this is a great addition to what Thought Org delivers and is a precious resource and money well spent for something money cannot usually buy - peace of mind."

Abigail Baines - aged 48 yrs

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